T-Perfume’s story

T-Perfume is Estonia’s first niche perfume brand.

Niche perfumes differ from mass production in their innovative approach, uniqueness and quality. These are also the core values that shape the products and operations of T-Perfume.

We believe that a perfume can make you feel special and elevate your mood, increase self-confidence and attract fruitful opportunities.

A lifestyle product for people with character

Human scent is one of the first and most direct sources of information when we come into contact with others. Anyone who wants to stand out could not be satisfied with what Hugo Boss, Armani or Jil Sander have produced for millions of other people.

A perfume should be worn to tell a story. Your story.

Quality, Balance, Art

We use premium components from well-recognized suppliers to create unique niche fragrances.

Each fragrance could actually be a perfume in itself!

Creating scents is not just a craft. It’s art.

The art of combining different aromas into a meaningful unity and harmony.

Tony, the “nose “ behind our creative process, always follows his intuition and allows his gut feeling to guide him towards the appropriate aroma combinations. It’s like a calling.


At T-Perfume, we are committed to choosing the most sustainable ingredients, either high-quality synthetic or traditional essential oils derived from flowers, roots, fruit, wood and moss.

"It is my purpose to bring together both natural and synthetic scents in one bottle with my fine sense of smell and skill,” explains T-Perfume’s perfumer Tony.

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