Eve Hanson's forward-looking collection is based on knowledge and awareness. Her idea of fashion stems from modern and enlightened perceptions and is combined with timeless sustainable design.
In addition to simple, minimalist basics, her strikingly original clothing is created using sophisticated decisions, drapery or special graphics designed for the collection. The author of the illustrations on the fabric, Toomas Pääsuke, has brought his drawings from the sketchbook to light so that they can live their new lives on clothes.
Contrasts, naturalness and special form expansions are set discretely into a harmonious whole. Voluminous and eloquent clothing is made of durable, predominantly natural and functional materials. The collection is based on a monochrome world of colours, which is complemented by a fresh accent every season.
One of the most important focus points is the durability and quality of wear, which accompanies the execution of each item from the selected fabric to the last detail and seam both inside and outside the garment.
All products are made in Estonia.

Fashion journalist Kristina Herodes writes

Eve Hanson is one of the most unique minimalists in Estonian fashion. Recognised with two Golden Needles and a Silver Needle, and after giving a strong start to several well loved brands in the country, her bright talent now operates under its own name. And what is special about Eve - she dares to play and experiment across borders, without fear of falling out of the aesthetics of minimalism.
"I'm looking for a style that's simple and complete," says Hanson. "But there must be something that makes it special. Some detail, combination of materials or silhouette... Minimalist garments must also have a soul.” Eve Hanson's fashion allows women to maintain their individuality. Her collection fascinates free-spirited, contemporary intellectuals and is appreciated also by fashion lovers who are not enchanted by minimalism.

Studio store at Telliskivi Creative City, Telliskivi 60A/3

Tallinn, Estonia


Monday - Friday 11-19

Saturday - Sunday 11-17

Designer Eve Hanson                           Photo by Iris Kivisalu